Lifetime Use of the Divine

I am an acknowledged music Philistine. What I don’t know about music could sink a battleship, but I am not deaf and I am educable. This morning on the radio I heard something so remarkable it moved me to tears. It was Ann Akiko Meyers playing on her “new” violin. Ann Akiko Meyers is one of the world’s premier concert violinists. Born and raised in Southern California, her talent was nurtured by Alice and Eleonore Schoenfeld at the Colburn School of Performing Arts, Josef Gingold at Indiana University, and Felix Galimir, Masao Kawasaki and Dorothy DeLay at the Juilliard School. She is now frequently a guest soloist with many of the world’s most prestigious orchestras, as well as a top-selling recording artist. This February, eOne Records released a new recording by Ann, The Four Seasons: The Vivaldi Album. It marks the debut recording of what is considered to be the finest sounding violin in existence. On January 24, 2013, an anonymous buyer purchased the 1741 Vieuxtemps Garneri del Gesu violin for an undisclosed amount. Almost a year later the London Economist revealed that the purchase price of the violin exceeded $16m. The anonymous buyer then bequeathed the Vieuxtemps Garneri del Gesu to Ann on a lifetime loan for her to play. Considering what I heard this morning, it was the right call. Not only is she divinely gifted, but she is also known as a good “violin mom”. She takes extremely good care of the precious. Give yourself a gift today and go listen to her gift. Please go to Ann Akiko Meyer’s website to read more about her remarkable career. You can find out more about Guarneri del Gesu at:

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