Your Dog’s New Toy is a Robot

Your dog is always super excited to see you when you get home, and not just because he loves you. The fact is, he gets bored and lonely while you are away. We all have busy lives and hectic schedules, and sometimes we have to leave our pets unattended for a long time. Who will keep him company when you can’t?

Well, the makers of Laïka have the answer. They understand that you miss your dog and he misses you, too. Laïka is the perfect interactive companion for your pup and offers peace of mind for owners. It also helps you keep an eye on your dog while you’re out and about. It’s there to keep him engaged and entertained so he’s less likely to bark or chew up the furniture.

So, what is Laïka? This little robot is a virtual companion for your four-legged pal that features a treat dispenser, a microphone and access to live video. Laïka also includes bark detection and notifications to alert you when your dog needs attention so you can quiet him down. No more complaining neighbors! With Laïka, you can take a quick break from work and check in on your pet—anytime.

Laïka also plays with your pup when you can’t. While chew toys and other doggie toys can get old, Laïka is designed with multidirectional movement capabilities in order to interact and “play” with him in a way that’s stimulating and fun. You can even control the device directly from your smartphone so you can interact with your furry friend from anywhere. Or you can set Laïka on self-running mode to amuse your dog while you are busy.

Built with a chew-proof design, Laïka is incredibly durable for both large and small breeds. You can even reward your dog with treats for good behavior, which is a great training tool. An accompanying application comes with tips on how you can utilize Laïka to teach your dog to sit, beg and roll over. Then you can reward him remotely when he’s done it well!

It looks like Laïka is the next best thing to dog’s best friend. Check out the company on Indiegogo if you want to get the inside scoop on this amazing new technology before it goes mainstream.


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