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American Mothers Inc. is seeking nominations for its 2018 Mother of the Year Award. The organization will be handing out 53 awards, one for each of the 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Each winner will act as a representative for her state, stressing the importance of mothers at home and in the workplace. She will serve as a national ambassador on the important role mothers play in our world, while promoting important American Mothers initiatives like the National Fifth Grade Essay Contest, the Golden Rule Movement and the Golden Rule Grant program.

Motherhood is all too often a thankless job. As moms, we are expected to wear many hats: cook, maid, chauffeur, teacher, money manager, just to name a few. We are so accustomed to hearing grumbling complaints when dinner is late or when it’s time for bed, but very rarely does anyone say, “Thanks, you’re doing a great job.” This award is a chance to offer mothers some recognition for all the hard work and dedication.

To qualify, a nominee should be the mother of one or more children, be inspirational in her role as a mom and exhibit an interest in her community. Those who wish to nominate a mom in their life will need to express what makes this woman exemplary by filling out an online form at Part of the selection process requires nominees to submit responses to questions about their philosophy on motherhood and activities in which they are involved. Nominees must also submit two letters of recommendation on their behalf.

American Mothers, Inc., the official sponsor of Mother’s Day, is a nonprofit organization founded by Sara Delano Roosevelt, JC Penney and Norman Vincent Peale in 1935 that has named the National Mother of the Year annually for the past 82 years. American Mothers works around the world educating on issues facing mothers, including hunger, literacy, human trafficking and domestic violence.

Nominations for 2018 Mother of the Year must be received by November 15, 2017 at

Don’t delay…nominate your special mother today, because it’s about time somebody told her she’s doing a good job.

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