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Apple has released the latest generation of iPhone, and it looks like it will not disappoint. Although the iPhone 8 seems pretty impressive, it is outshined by the show-stopping iPhone X. The iPhone X is considerably more expensive than the iPhone 8, and understandably so.

The iPhone 8 and X boast an all-glass design, wireless charging and improved camera features. The words “all-glass design” likely cause you to clutch your wallet in fear, and spiral into a panic attack riddled with images of shattered hopes and screens, but Apple claims that the glass is “the strongest ever.”

The real star of the release is the iPhone X. The iPhone X has a 5.8-inch Super Retina screen, transforming the entire device into a display. The phone has increased resolution and pixel density, making it the best picture quality ever seen on an iPhone.

But the screen isn’t the only impressive feature on Apple’s latest product. The phone is also capable of facial recognition. This allows the user to unlock, authenticate and even pay for purchases with just a glance.

There are some quirky features on the iPhone X as well. The new design features Animojis—emojis that analyze and match muscle movements to mirror the expression of the user. For those of us more concerned with practicality, the iPhone X has extended battery life by seven hours, and has made systems run faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Per usual, Apple has raised the bar for smartphones. Now the only question is: Who can lend me $999?

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