Pretty in Pink

The Food and Drug Administration has approved a new fruit to be safe for human consumption. We are talking about a sweeter, smaller and insanely pretty pink pineapple known as The Rose.

Grown in Costa Rica, this fancifully hued fruit has made its way into U.S. markets and is being brought forward by Del Monte and Dole companies. Like its traditional yellow counterpart, this new treat has proven to bring health benefits—and because of its sweetness, you won’t get that uncomfortable, burning sensation on your tongue after eating too much of it.

So…what gives this pink beauty that surprising, rosy shade? The answer is lycopene—the same component that causes the bright red pigment in tomatoes and watermelons. This genetically modified, yet safe, pink pineapple may very well be coming to a grocery store near you before too long.

Keep an eye out so you can indulge in the sweet goodness, and maybe even have yourself a pink piña colada…or two!

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