Eyebrow Emergency

There is a lot of truth to the phrase, “beauty is pain.” We spend countless hours at hair and nail salons, never miss our tortuous waxing appointments and suffer entire evenings in uncomfortable—but oh-so-stylish!—stilettos. We do this because we want to be fabulous, at almost any cost. So what about this brow enhancement technique that you’ve been hearing more and more about…should it be added to your list of lady-maintenance to-dos?

This beauty technology, called microblading, has been popular in parts of Asia and Europe for the past quarter of a century. It makes it possible for women to wake up with “ready to go” eyebrows. This treatment is a semi-permanent procedure meant to fully reconstruct or correct sparse eyebrows. So there’s no need to allow extra time in your morning routine to apply makeup to add color, shape or definition.

Experts in the craft utilize a special pen to deposit pigments under the top layer of the skin. The tiny needles on the pen form the shape of a blade to replicate the actual brow hair. Testimonials say that it requires temporary discomfort and about a week for brows to fully recover. But if you decide to go for it after doing your research and considering budget, need and follow-up maintenance, the payoff is up to a year of glamorous, hassle-free eyebrows.

Maybe your peepers deserve to be framed by full, luscious brows without the aggravation of tweezers, pencils and powders! Ah, the price of gorgeousness.



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