A New “Fad” Diet

Losing weight is easier said than done. You’ve tried it all…dieting, lo-cal recipes, exercise, but you still have trouble shedding those extra pounds. In combination with these smart approaches, how about trying this radical idea: Put your kitchen on a diet!

Author Peter Walsh’s new book, Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat? inspires readers to lose weight by getting them in the right mindset through motivational pep talks and advice. Part of this process—and a key element of his advice—is ridding your kitchen of “excess weight” to help you obtain the results you crave.

Through extensive research, Walsh and other experts have found that there is a direct correlation between clutter and health. It seems that getting your surroundings in order actually prepares you mentally for the task at hand.

Toss any appliances for food preparation that are broken, duplicated, stained or chipped beyond reasonable use. This initial step will free the way to clearer thinking. Yes, this means saying goodbye to that funky fondue pot you haven’t dusted off in years, and donating the cookie jars that you’ll no longer need. (Ha! You can’t sneak snacks if you have nowhere to stash them!)

So roll up your selves and get to it—the road to a slimmer you might just begin with a more positive outlook and a garbage bag.

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