Unleash Your Inner Goddess

“Soul Styling” is loving and embracing your body using different colors and textures in your wardrobe. Many women struggle when shopping for clothes because they do not feel comfortable with their bodies, or think it’s difficult to find clothes that fit them perfectly. Brigitte Corbeil’s The Goddess Guide to Soul Styling Lifestyle seeks to ease some of this anxiety by promoting body positivity as well as offering tips to dress your body in a way that boosts your confidence.

Corbeil’s work as a personal stylist and her own experience overcoming body-shaming helped her put together this unique guide. In the book, Corbeil discusses “discovering your inner goddess.” Readers begin by choosing their goddess based on their body shape: Athena, Hera, Venus or Xochi. Your goddess’ essence is then categorized to colors and fabrics to emulate your “soul energy.” Each color is defined and the fabrics are further broken down into their pros and cons. The book includes drawings and interactive style charts for an easy and fun transformation act.

The main goal of this project is to encourage women to see the very best version of themselves. Plus, there is no worry about breaking the bank buying a totally new wardrobe: The book actually aims to help women re-envision the clothes they already have in their closet.

Corbeil’s perspective is that feeling confident and comfortable in your own personal style aids in achieving your full potential.

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