I Am One Student

One sexual assault is too many…and ONE STUDENT can make a difference. 


Since its inception, this organization has visited more than 450 college campuses and worked with over one million students.

Becca Tieder and Kelly Addington are “two soul sisters on a mission.” Their brainchild, One Student, is a nonprofit organization with the goal of providing programs and resources for schools and students to address sexual violence.


Statistics show that one in five women and one in 16 men will experience sexual violence of some kind during their time in college, with higher risks for transgender and non-binary students. While campus officials will advocate for zero tolerance policies, there is an air of indifference or denial in the face of these numbers. Many college campuses do not have an effective system in place for receiving and responding to reports of sexual assault. This confusion can often leave victims feeling isolated and unsafe in their environment. The One Student organization strives to change this.

Stated Values

• We will treat survivors, secondary survivors and allies with understanding, courage and respect.

• We will remain committed to offering inclusive, accurate and honest education.

• We agree to continue to evolve as an organization by remaining open to new opinions and ideas.

• We will be mindful of our audience’s unique point of view and strive to deliver a message that speaks to the youth and allies we serve.

• We value the full range of human diversity and seek to involve diverse populations in our staff, board, volunteers and our clientele.


A sexual assault in college was the impetus for Kelly and Becca to band together and lead this initiative. “As a rape survivor and her best friend, we did not know where to go for support, so we turned to each other. We had no idea our personal experience with sexual assault would send us on [this] extraordinary journey…”

Along the way they have touched the lives of students, survivors, parents, boyfriends, girlfriends and others affected by violence—from the partner of a survivor who finally felt he could properly support his girlfriend through her recovery, to the athletes who realized there are simple things they can do to help keep their friends safe. The organization sees that it is making a difference, but also recognizes the need to do more. One Student has implemented campus partnerships, a national advisory board and a bystander intervention program. There is even a production fellowship in place that encourages talented students with film and media experience to help develop fresh and positive social norm videos that support the mission of the organization.

Kelly, Becca and their team are changing the face of this crisis one student and one step at a time. Please visit OneStudent.org to learn more and to find out how you can be part of the solution.


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