Beautifully Clean Energy

Clean energy has just gotten cooler with the gorgeous new smartflower™. This intelligent solar module utilizes smart tracking to follow the sun throughout the day, maximizing energy output by 40% compared to other models. The panels are self-cleaning and the unit fends off severe weather by folding in on itself and reopening once conditions have improved.

In just one day, smartflower™ allows you to do any of the following:

– Charge your electric car and drive up to 62 miles.

– Illuminate your LED lights for 4,368 hours.

– Watch 360 hours of television.

– Keep cool in the summer with three air conditioners running all day.

– Wash 17 loads of laundry.

– Fully charge 2,424 smartphones.

Through the company’s own app, you are able to monitor the system’s energy output and your own electricity usage. Portable and easy to use, this technology is a big step toward clean energy for all.

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Kerriann Greenhalgh – CEO, KeriCure

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