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When it comes to being cozy, the Danish seem to know a thing or two about mastering it. The newest home trend to hit the United States is hygge (pronounced hue-ga), a lifestyle introduced to us by our friends in Denmark. Embracing positivity, happiness and overall comfiness can make your home (and life) really come together. Incorporate floral-mixed-with-amber-scented candles, luxurious cashmere blankets and creatively framed photographs to create a room you simply love to spend time in. Hygge is all about taking little moments and relishing them, so make your space an area that’s an instant mood lifter!


Fine Artisan Candle, $65 at


Establish the “less is more” mantra in your home this year by embracing new designs with efficiency in mind. Fold-up appliances that simply tuck away are all the buzz, from retractable range hoods for kitchen islands to kitchen essentials that fold into a box. You can even add a handy stool to your reading room that folds into the shape of a book! These products are emerging to accommodate homeowners’ growing desire to save space and promote simplicity.


Table, $89 at

Art-Inspired WALLPAPER

Times have changed with what was once a stylist’s worst nightmare: art-inspired wallpaper. The trendiest NYC studios are now featuring art-accented wallpapers in gorgeous prints. Try an inspired look by Porter Teleo featuring ancient woodblocking with rich Japanese colors, or Madison & Grow’s silkscreened textiles in a variety of vibrant shades. Instead of lining your walls floor to ceiling, simply use the paper in patches to accent or highlight specific features in a room. These artsy touches can lend a new, dramatic look to the contemporary home.


Madison & Grow textiles


You may remember a corkboard from your office or teen bedroom, where you pinned up all your photos of friends and celebrity crushes, but cork is making a comeback in the form of contemporary home décor. Line one of your family room walls with cork, as a more casual place to hang posters and art; or use this versatile material on one of your bathroom walls to provide a soft-texture contrast to an otherwise glossy space. Not only is it ecofriendly, but you’ll create a feature with a personality of its own.

Faux Materials

myspacefauxStroll through any new neighborhood and you’ll no doubt notice traditionally styled houses that are being built with not-so-traditional elements. Those tile floors that look like the real deal might be fabricated from faux materials. While it can sometimes end up being more expensive than authentic, the point of incorporating faux is more about durability. Natural items are more likely to wear easily, requiring constant attention and upkeep. Synthetic resources, however, will stick around for the long run. Consider giving one or more rooms in your home an update with grey, weathered faux wood flooring. You’ll achieve an effort-free space with a beautifully modern twist!

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