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Whether you are a fashion maven on your way to the tents at NYC fashion week, or a housewife on your way to pick-up the kids from school, or both, a properly packed purse is a life skill. Here are the essentials that I recommend you take anywhere and everywhere:

  1. Sunglasses – A style essential for me, they also help with morning drop-off for moms who don’t have time to do make-up and help the post-party fashionistas face the glare of daytime.
  2. Powder – If your skin looks good you will look good enough.
  3. Hair band – Again, basic grooming is a must, if you don’t have time for hair, a neat ponytail or messy bun will suffice.
  4. Vaseline – perfect for lips but can be used in a multitude of ways.
  5. Pain reliever – whether your head hurts from too much vodka or fussy family members, it is a game changer.
  6. FEMA – my version – feminine emergency management always.
  7. Hand sanitizer – kids, germs, crowds, germs, travel, germs…
  8. Gum – no one likes stinky breath.
  9. Power bars – don’t get hungry, you make poor choices when you are hungry.
  10. Pen and paper – you will need them.
  11. Phone – how did we live without our little mini-computers?
  12. Lip Gloss/Lip Stick – A little color or gloss on the lips can do wonders.
  13. Most important item – a wallet. If you forget absolutely everything, you can always just buy it.



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