GRAVITAS Winter 2017

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In our Winter issue of GRAVITAS, we once again introduce you to some amazing women and also take a look at the state of the world around us. With the recent dramatic political changes and cultural shifts, we are more aware than ever of our differences of opinion, while also reminded of the many things we all have in common.

One of our features this issue, “When Women Ruled,” tells the tale of not only our past, but also takes a hopeful glimpse into the possibility of a more egalitarian future. It turns out that history is not a finite story…it is, in fact, a subjective tale written by the winners of war. The history we have been taught is woefully one-sided and has been written from the male perspective for millenniums. Thankfully, many brilliant female scientists and archaeologists have begun to paint the full picture, including how women have shaped humanity from the beginning.


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Furthering this idea of looking to the future with optimism, an examination of the state of our environment—and our critical role in getting it healthy again—can be found in “A Planet in Crisis.” Learn how you can make small changes in your lifestyle that can equal a large impact.


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As always, we share with you the stories of influential women in our community. This issue we are pleased to present an interview with Anu Tali, the current music director for the Sarasota Orchestra, who strikes a harmonious balance between her demanding career and private life.
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You’ll also meet Theresa Park, literary agent for Nicholas Sparks; Heather Long, senior writer and editor for CNNMoney, and Kelly Flannery, president and CEO of the South Tampa Chamber of Commerce. Then we will whisk you away to “The Land of Fire and Ice,” reveal details of the life and loves of Georgia O’Keeffe and examine the plethora of dinner delivery options available out there to help simplify your life.

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Lastly, we will leave you with a bright spot of humor. Jules shares the ridiculous—and just a bit disturbing!—story of one woman’s rite of passage in reclaiming her own personal worth by truly having “The Last Laugh.”

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GRAVITAS Winter 2017

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