Buddha May Know Best

We don’t need to be practicing Buddhists to incorporate some of the religion’s philosophies into our everyday life. Some of these basic principles may help give us a happier, healthier outlook.

Get to know your mind

The ultimate source of happiness and overall well-being is within our own minds. As humans, if we feel that we like something, we may have a constant desire for it…if we believe we dislike something, we might show fear toward it. We waste an immense amount of time chasing after ideas of “like” and “dislike,” and end up letting our minds control us. But if we begin to tame our thoughts, we are able to diminish those perceptions and live with greater peace of mind.

Every cause has an effect

When thinking about this idea, it’s important to correlate it to karma. Good deeds will bring worthy results, but bad deeds in turn will bring immoral results. Every time we interact with others, it is essential that we think about how our words are affecting them. If we practice controlling our minds, we’ll also be able to take direction of the way we treat those around us.

Connect with others for support

As humans, we have a natural yearning to feel connected with others because it makes us feel happy. Linking up with someone makes us feel appreciated and loved. Call up a loved one and tell them how grateful you are for them. Not only will it leave you feeling warm and fuzzy, it will make them feel better about themselves, too.


Taking these concepts and doing our best to apply them to our daily routine is easy and effective. We don’t necessarily have to consider converting to Buddhism, but we can definitely take note of these tips for living life in the best way possible.


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