Renew Your Heart

Going through a rough breakup that’s leaving you eating more pints of Ben & Jerry’s than you can count? Help yourself move forward in feeling refreshed, healed and ice cream-free with the Breakup Bootcamp Wellness Retreat. This short but intense program will assist you in getting back to where you used to be—both mentally and physically—pre-separation.

In early June of 2017, this powerful retreat will be held in a quaint farm area located in Hudson Valley. Included are luxury accommodations for two nights, group therapy discussions, daily yoga classes, guided visual hypnosis sessions and various exercises to help you with detaching and healing your body. In order to remain fully committed to the experience, guests are asked to digitally unplug. Say goodbye to looking through old text messages from your ex, because this program is meant for YOU to focus on YOU! With groups of fewer than 10 people, you are sure to feel surrounded by a calm atmosphere with people who understand and support you in your struggles.

Amy Chan, founder and relationship columnist, promises that the Boot Camp can help you in successfully rewiring your heart in order to make space for new beginnings. Learn to get your personal power back and bridge the gap between science and spirituality! Learn more at

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