Dale Chihuly – The Chihuly Collection

Last fall, the Morean Arts Center celebrated the grand unveiling of its famed Chihuly Collection in its new home. It was a fantastic party as Dale Chihuly’s breathtaking, multi-faceted glasswork took up residence in an exciting downtown space, breathing new life into the art that has delighted admirers the world over for years.


If you have ever experienced a Chihuly art installation, you already know that Dale takes the field of glassblowing to a completely unique level. When asked what sparks such imaginative shapes and colors, he admits that the process itself is what truly inspires him—“the wondrous event of blowing human air down a blowpipe and out comes this form.” But everything in the world around him serves as a source for more ideas, from beautiful architecture to influential films and books: anything that catches his attention and ignites a glimmer of a concept, mirroring the glow of the torch and kiln.

Treat yourself to a visit to the Morean Arts Center and view the collection—stunning chandeliers and vibrant sculptures—in its new Central Avenue location directly across from the Center itself. This venue showcases the glasswork in a sprawling 11,000 square feet of indoor space, and another 4,000 square feet in the great outdoors.

A valuable fixture in the cultural community of St. Petersburg for almost 100 years, the Morean Arts Center is on a mission to make a real connection between people and art. Daily programming engages visitors to the exhibits at the Arts Center itself, the Morean Glass Studio & Hot Shop, the Center for Clay and, of course, the Chihuly Collection. Visit MoreanArtsCenter.org for more information.


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