Brit Marling: Putting Women in Their Well-Deserved Place

Landing a job offer from Goldman Sachs while still a senior economics major at Georgetown was a real wake-up call for Brit Marling. She took it as a now-or-never moment…a sign that she needed to either switch things up, or settle down in the investment banking realm that had been laid out before her. She chose to turn the job down and pursue acting.

She quickly discovered that a career in Hollywood is no easy road. Marling, now 34, struggled to score auditions without any experience under her belt. Even more disheartening was the shortage of solid female roles. Considering that less than 10% of the directors out there are women, Marling decided to grab the reins and redraft the rules.

With a burning aspiration to show the industry that women can have just as strong an influence as men in the entertainment world, Marling entered the spotlight at Sundance in 2011 with Sound of My Voice and Another Earth, two indie films she co-wrote. And she didn’t stop there. She later teamed up with Zal Batmanglij and went on to create The OA, a hot new sci-fi mystery on Netflix, in which she also plays the lead character.

This rising star is an inspiration to those who aren’t always sure of their path, or worry about the consequences of following their bliss. She chased after her dream, and when she realized that the dream wasn’t as she had imagined, she took it upon herself to reshape it. Hopefully we’ll be seeing a lot more out of this young woman. A potential second season of The OA is in her sights, but reportedly, so is getting her pilot’s license…so who knows where she’ll be heading next. Apparently, the sky’s the limit.

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