Say Maybe to Botox

In the 28 years since Botox first emerged on the scene, the health industry has continued to find more uses for it. While the neurotoxic protein gained its popularity as a cosmetic quick-fix for wrinkles, it actually has many other uses that may be beneficial.

Botox can aid in correcting uncontrollable blinking or even crossed eyes, though not permanently.  One of the six eye muscles can grow weak over time, causing stronger eye muscles to take over and do all the work. A Botox shot can help the weaker muscle recover and assist in a correction of the issue for at least a few months at a time.

Another condition that can be improved by Botox is excessive sweating. Whether we’re talking about hands, feet or underarms, embarrassing perspiration can take its toll on you. Granted, there are prescription-strength products available on the market, but if the problem is particularly persistent, Botox injected into the area of need can interrupt the release of the chemical that signals your sweat glands.

Botox is proving its usefulness in more and more applications every day. From fuller, poutier lips to potential migraine relief, it certainly is earning its nickname as “the little neurotoxin that could.”

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