I Love You More Than French Fries

Tired of the whole mushy, super-commercialized approach to Valentine’s Day? Well, a McDonald’s in Canandaigua, New York is putting a refreshing twist on the typical holiday affair by offering a sit-down dinner for two that includes a $20 prix-fixe menu. Diners who make a reservation between 5pm and 7pm will have plenty of time to enjoy an appetizer, main course, drink and dessert for two!

While it may seem like an unconventional way to celebrate the holiday, McDonald’s is supporting a great cause: Half of the proceeds from the “event” will go to the Ronald McDonald House in an effort to help spread the love.

Although Mickey D’s has never had a spot on a must-do, hot restaurant list (at least, not since we were six), and it likely isn’t where most Canandaiguans planned to spend the most romantic night of the year, we have to admit…it’s kind of a cute idea—and practical! Just think: Couples won’t have to worry about braving any crowds…or yelling sweet nothings to their honey over the din of a hip, busy eatery. AND they’ll feel good about benefiting a terrific charity.

We wonder how many folks up north might be considering doing something a little different this Valentine’s Day…even if it’s a little weird to celebrate under the golden arches.

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