Old Car, New Tricks

While it may not be in the budget right now to go out and buy a new car, you can still take advantage of new-car technology by purchasing some aftermarket devices and fancying up your ride! Check out some of the top updates you can invest in:

Rearview Camera: Did you know that this little feature reduces your blind spot by about 90%? They’ve become such an essential safety item in cars that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will be requiring all new vehicles in 2018 to have them. Save yourself some money now and buy one to install on your own!

Bluetooth Stereo: Bluetooth has been slowly making life easier and easier since its arrival in 1998. Now you can make use of a Bluetooth stereo and be able to call someone over your car speakers, operate your radio and check notifications the hands-free way.

Parking Sensors: Parallel parking is already enough of a challenge. Installing a parking sensor can reduce the risk of a fender bender by using sound waves to detect objects around you and alerting you with a beep.

Seat Heaters: A little heat in your seat is great when the weather is a bit chilly in the early morning hours. This feature can easily be implemented into your current car by adding seat covers with built-in warmers and even massagers.

With these quick additions to your vehicle, you can achieve some necessary updates without breaking the bank. Even better is that most of these items can be installed on your own. Who says you can’t teach an old car new tricks?

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