Women Make History (Again)

On Saturday, January 21st, women once again made history. The Women’s March on Washington is being called the largest organized protest in the United States for a single day. While numbers are still being calculated, an estimated 2.9 to 3.3 million people participated across the globe. Our own St. Petersburg, Florida drew over 20,000 to Demens Landing Park. Sister marches took place all over the world: London, Tokyo, Nairobi, Rio de Janeiro and even Paradise Bay, Antarctica were among the supporters.


Tamika Mallory, Carmen Perez and Linda Sarsour are the brave women of color who led this historic event. They noted that ensuring “inclusivity” and representation for all marginalized groups—those who are most at risk with the installation of the new administration—were at the forefront when planning began in November. Their goal: to make the Women’s March truly intersectional. And from many of the messages noted across the marches, this goal was achieved. In addition to various signs and chants calling for equal pay and reproductive rights, due attention was given to the issues affecting immigrants, Black Americans, Muslim Americans, Native Americans, the LGBT community and environmental preservation. The purpose of these marches was to make women’s voices heard in Washington.


So, the obvious next question is: What do we do now? For one, we cannot make this our only action. We cannot put all our faith in this single march to create change for us. We must continue to be involved in our communities, and offer support to those in need. Get in touch with your state representatives…voice your opinions…tell them what matters to you and why. Keep up the momentum of the energy and empowerment we felt on Saturday.

Keep the fight going!

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