Mission Statements: Not Just for Companies

When you hear the phrase “mission statement,” you might automatically think of the kind listed on a company’s website. More and more these days, though, the concept is being employed in different kinds of ways…such as helping you keep your new year’s resolutions in check.

Since most companies use a mission statement to define their values and goals, why not employ the same strategy to stay on track yourself?

Jot down some thoughts about things you aim to change or accomplish in 2017. You can then incorporate those goals into your daily behavior and use them as boundaries for your decisions. It’s almost like being your own personal cheerleader. While a new year’s resolution might be “I won’t eat any fast food,” your mission statement will be “I want to be a role model for others by eating healthy.” This perspective aids in turning your negatives into positives. And who doesn’t want that?

Your next step is to take a look at what is standing in between you and your goals. Once you’ve made a list, it’s easier to create an action plan on how to get around those limitations and really go for it. So if you already find yourself slipping off the road of your new year’s resolutions, take a moment to review and reflect. Honing in on your purpose is what it’s all about!

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