Is Your Closet Your Worst Nightmare?

When was the last time you opened up your closet and smiled at what you saw inside? If instead you cringe, grab what you need and quickly close the door before items come tumbling out, it’s time for a revamp. If you try something on, change your mind and then toss it on a towering pile of cocktail dresses, sweaters, tees…you need to consider some of the tips below to get your closet whipped into shape. Just like your body, your “space” needs to be kept fit and trim to maximize performance! You might be surprised to find how easy it is. Check out these three simple steps to organize the chaos.

If you don’t wear it, get rid of it. You don’t need eight black cardigans. How on earth did you even accumulate eight black cardigans? The same goes for articles that have gone out of style. The 80s aren’t calling…and even if they were, they probably wouldn’t want their silk shirts back.

Don’t be afraid to “remodel.” Evaluate your closet’s contents and determine what you have the most of. Is it an item that can go on the floor such as shoes, or are they pieces that need to be hung? Make the most of the space you have available and utilize the necessary structures to best accommodate your needs—shelving, racks, cubbies, hooks…the possibilities are limitless!

Color code your clothes. How many times do you find yourself frantically flipping through the hangers in search of that one particular navy blouse? By color coding your closet, you can divert your attention immediately to what you’re looking for as soon as you open the doors.

Using these tips will help you save time in the long run, but only if you use them in addition to being proactive about the space. Don’t be tempted to throw items around when you’re in a hurry or postpone hanging things up. You’ll find it very refreshing to open the door to a clean, organized space.

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