Kindness is Contagious

Practicing kindness isn’t as hard as we might think, and it turns out that treating people kindly helps inspire others to do the same. Nice domino effect!

Unfortunately, our society at times seems to have abandoned the notion of being kind that’s instilled in us at a young age. But there is good news! By implementing kindness into your daily routine, you’ll find it easier to be consistent with it. And more good news…you’ll actually start reaping many benefits of your own.

Kindness makes not only the two people involved in the act happy, but also witnesses to those acts. Think about the YouTube video floating around Facebook of the guy who gave wrapped presents to homeless people during the holidays. He gifted them with pillows, blankets, snacks and other daily necessities and much-needed comfort items Watching this video, you immediately get the warm fuzzies…encouraging you to go out and spread some joy yourself. The dopamine levels in your brain are elevated, creating a positive vibe all around.

Kindness also aids in easing stress. Whenever you’re feeling heavily stressed, your mind is weighed down with negative thoughts. Take a moment out of your day to be kind to someone else—even with just a simple smile—to keep positivity fresh in your mind, negative thoughts at bay, and bring your overall stress level down.

We can all agree that someone in a negative mood has the power to bring everyone down with them, but take the pledge this year to not be that person. Go ahead, hold the door for a stranger, or tell someone how much you appreciate them.

Once you start spreading kindness, you won’t want to stop!

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