Yoga For the New Year

With the arrival of 2017, everyone is undoubtedly settling into their new year’s resolutions in hopes that this finally will be the year they don’t break them. Adopting healthier habits has always been a trend upon exiting the holiday season, and many women (and men!) are now adding yoga to the mix. Although most are under the assumption that you have to be a yogi to relish the benefits, such as improved balance and reduced stress, 2017 is all about proving that no matter your experience level, you too can be a veritable “master” in no time.

The most important aspect of yoga is to remember that it doesn’t require a specific skill; it’s literally something anyone can learn over time. Gone are the days when you would feel intimidated by extravagant yoga studios and complex poses that twist you like a pretzel from the get-go. Learning yoga has become easier than ever before with the endless apps available, YouTube tutorials, and even Instagram profiles dedicated to it.

A simple pose you can try at home is the downward-facing dog. For this pose you’ll want to start with your hands and knees on the floor, keeping your hands shoulder distance apart. Inhale slowly as you press your hands into the ground and raise your knees off the ground. As you’re lifting your back and hips up, make sure to lengthen your spine. When your legs start to straighten completely, slowly exhale. Finally, keeping your shoulder blades flattened, rotate your upper arms so they move toward the floor. Continue to inhale and exhale slowly.

The next time you’re in the mood to try something new in the gym, or you’re just feeling a need to relax, break out the yoga mat! Nirvana awaits.


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