Brain Games

It turns out that your brain needs just as much exercise as your body. Luckily, a new fitness program has been introduced to keep your mind in tip-top shape.

Maria Shriver recently reported on a new program known as BrainHQ. According to Shriver, this development involves “a series of mental exercises you do for about an hour a day, all designed by scientists to turn back the clock on your brain.” With the potential to combat the symptoms of aging, the purpose of this “workout” is to sharpen your brain’s speed and accuracy.

Top neuroscientist and founder of BrainHQ, Dr. Michael Merzenich, says, “You have a capacity to continue to grow to the end of your life. You don’t have to go into retreat.”

The Alzheimer’s Association estimates that about 5.4 million people across the U.S. are afflicted with the disease, including one in nine over the age of 65. This frightening number will likely triple by the year 2050 as the Baby Boomer generation ages. So get ahead of the game and whip those brain cells into shape!

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