GRAVITAS Anniversary Issue 2016


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In our Anniversary issue of 2016, we meet some interesting women leading the technology industry in the area: Erin Cigich, CEO of Clickbooth and Sara MacQueen, president of Big Fish Digital. We also explore the “My Best Life” stories of two prominent businesswomen, Brooke Evans and Kim Miele.

Jules Lewis Gibson shares an editorial feature, Rewrite Your Fairy Tale, examining the origin of the stories of our childhood and ideas for rewriting your own personal story.

In our “Women in History” piece, we take a look at Eleanor Roosevelt’s role in her husband’s presidency and ultimately, her impact on the world…with parallels to recent political developments.

The “Community” article showcases the amazing work being done by the people and animals at Southeastern Guide Dogs. Personal stories about the life-changing effect of having a service dog gives insight into the importance of this nonprofit organization.

Enjoy a hearty laugh with Trumped Nation, a humorous take on where we have ended up now that the dust has settled, post-election.

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