Happiness at Work

Remember this when you are fighting the blues at work: Happiness is subjective.

What if you could find true happiness using your talents for a living? It makes sense, doesn’t it? As a matter of fact, Gallup research shows that those who use their strengths every day at work are six times more engaged and three times more likely to be happy with their lives overall.

According to Jim Asplund, author of Embedding Strengths in Your Company’s DNA, “The more hours per day adults believe they use their strengths, the more likely they are to report having ample energy, feeling well-rested, being happy, smiling or laughing a lot, learning something interesting and being treated with respect.”

So here are a few key questions that may lead to a more positive outlook on things:

  1.  Do you feel challenged in a positive way by interesting projects, work and life experiences? Mental stimulation is an important component to happiness. Maybe talking to your boss during your annual review about some of your personal interests and skills may lead to more specialized projects.
  2. Are you in good health? Our body chemistry works hand in hand with the way we feel. Make sure that you take time out to decompress, and take care of your body. This will help you make sound decisions.
  3. Do you find yourself complaining more often at work? There is a saying that goes, “The squeaky wheel gets the oil.” Listen to your own complaints: They can reveal what changes are needed in your life—like moves that will align your career with your natural gifts.

Consider these questions carefully, re-energize, and if necessary, make changes!

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Agnes Lee – Managing Director, Media and Entertainment at CEA Group

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