Get Your Jolly Back

The holiday season is upon ushooray!  

The carols are humming on the radio, the garland has been hung at the mall, the party invitations are streaming in (ok, ok…I’ve gotten two so far…but it’s still early), my mailbox is full of colorful catalogs and TV commercials are counting down the number of shopping days left.

The holiday season is upon usugh.

This happens to us every year…it starts with the kids heading back to school. It’s always hard to believe that summer is over. And then things pick up the pace at seemingly lightning speed. First we’re dealing with costumes and candy, then turkey, and before you know it, BAM…we’re stressing that not enough items are crossed off our holiday shopping lists. Or worse yet, we don’t even HAVE a holiday shopping list yet. 

Here are some suggestions of ways to de-stress and acknowledge that this is the time of year to celebrate family, friendship and new beginnings.

1. Family Movie Time 

Make a date with your family to have a holiday movie marathon. Or spread it out over several nights so you can schedule in all the classics—both old and new. “It’s a Wonderful Life” and “Miracle on 34th Street” are great choices for Tear-Jerker Sunday. “A Christmas Story,” “Christmas Vacation” and “Elf” is an excellent line-up for Laugh Your Ass Off Night. You’ll cry, you’ll chuckle, and doing it together over a big bowl of buttery popcorn will make memories—and possibly an annual tradition—that truly represent what the season is all about. 


2. Spa Day for Reflection

With New Year’s Day approaching, it’s time for goals and resolutions. Instead of thinking of it as a time for regrets and self-admonishments, give it a creative spin and focus only on the positive. While your weary shoulders are being massaged and your feet are getting pumiced to perfection, use the quiet time to identify your hopes and dreams for the new year, and beyond. Put down your phone, tuck away the magazine and really look inside yourself. Make mental notes of not necessarily what you would change about the previous year, but how the coming year can be even better, healthier and happier.

3. Wine Tasting Outing 

What better way to unwind than with a glass of chilled Riesling? And clinking glasses with some of the people who make you smile the most—your girlfriends—is sure to alleviate some anxiety. Make a day trip of it and visit a winery or restaurant in a nearby town. Orlando and Naples both have excellent offerings in this department—and the girl talk on the drive will be half the fun. If the plan is to overindulge just a bit, stick closer to home and dial up Uber. Or you could keep it really simple and just gather together a bottle of red, a box of white, a pitcher of Sangria and your favorite gals. Have a wine tasting slumber party and do it up right! (Bonus—pick up an extra vintage or two to stash away as emergency holiday gifts.)

With this kind of outlook during the next few weeks, may the joys of the season shine brighter for you than ever before. Have fun and happy holidays!

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