Sticking to the Diet

With the approach of the holiday season comes tortuous temptation. We’ll slip up on our diets for the sake of merriment and deliciousness. Then we’ll make the most popular New Year’s resolution in history: to eat better and get in shape.

But you don’t have to wait until the new year to build better habits. Let’s start now! Here are some keys to help you stay motivated and keep a healthy lifestyle when you’re tempted to indulge:

         • Remember that this is a complete lifestyle change. That’s right. Imagine how differently every aspect of your life will be once you’ve committed to your daily goals—you’re better mentally, physically, even socially when you’re in shape.

         • Ask yourself, “Why?” When you’re tempted to cave, have reminders in place so you acknowledge why you started this journey. Tape motivational notes to the mirror or fridge, send yourself texts and do whatever it takes to jolt you into focus.

         • If you are what you eat… Think about what you are “becoming” before you eat that bad snack. Read labels. Educate yourself about the different macronutrients and what impact they have on your body. Consider how you’ll feel physically and emotionally when you’re done eating it.

         • Pick your pleasure. Would you like to splurge on extra helpings of holiday foods that are high in fat, calories and sugar, or would you prefer good health? Even more enjoyable than eating well with the people you love is showing them that you have control! Don’t just eat for pleasure. Stick to your plan.

         • Find someone to lean on. Have people who want to see you healthier hold you accountable. Also, surround yourself with people who are like-minded, those who have reached the same goals that you’ve set and those who are still striving for those goals.

         • Choose your “after” photos now. A good strategy is to hang photos of lean, sexy people who are models for what you would like to become. Consider them your “after” shots!

         • Be ready to fight. Realistically, you know that this time of year will be a challenge. Don’t take having a bad day or receiving bad news as a sign that you should give up. You cannot escape difficult times! Remain firm, and turn challenges into success.

         • Have a real plan. Don’t be vague about your intention to lose weight. Set specific, measurable goals and stick to them.

         • No cheating…ever! Cheating is never honorable, even during the holidays. With your body, you don’t get a reboot after “treating” yourself—the damage to your body will already be done!

         • Your fate is in your own hands! It’s your body. No one else can do this but you. The ball is in your court. Make it happen!

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