Where’s the Sisterhood

As the statistics roll in to illustrate how this calamity came to fruition, it is not even Donald Trump that I take issue with anymore. It’s women—white women in particular. When you look at the numbers, it is these women who didn’t support Hillary and delivered the election to Trump. White women actually voted for President Obama in greater numbers than Hillary. I understand she’s not a reality TV entertainer and didn’t seduce her supporters with fairytales about her magical skills of negotiation, but I feel one of the main reasons she lost is the double standard by which she was judged.

15032653_565048610359884_3230648135317354058_nWhile I am a dedicated Independent, I decided to vote for Clinton some months back. Recognizing her issues, I felt she was well prepared and well-tempered for the job, especially considering who she was running against. Admittedly, I had reservations about her however, the alternative was unthinkable to me. Her opponent boasted about being a sexual predator, had been proven to lie every 3 minutes and 30 seconds in his speeches and is scheduled to start two cases for fraud and racketeering by the end of the year. Her transgressions where not even in the same ballpark with his. Yet, he was given a pass by millions of women.

Not only do we have to jump higher and run faster than the men just to get a seat at the big table, we also have to reach for an even higher standard with our peers. The “boys will be boys” motto absolves men of a multitude of sins, while women are ripped apart for perceived faults—even the faults of others. The most notable example of this absurd practice is the way many women judged Hillary for the actions of her philandering husband, while they brushed aside Trump’s statement of “Grab them by the pussy,” as locker room talk.

We are competitive on a different level than men.

Hillary Clinton aside, women do not support and sponsor each other the way men do. It is a sad, simple truth. We are competitive on a different level than men. In business and on the playing field, guys wage brutal battles to win and yet, when the competition is over, they can head out to the pub, share a few laughs and brewskies while comparing battle wounds. Women…we don’t leave our grievances at the door, we take them to the grave! We hold grudges, spread rumors and vow revenge over perceived slights.

To be fair, there are a myriad of reasons for this double standard, not the least of which is locked inside our DNA. It’s only recently that women have even had an opportunity to live a life of our own making. In the past, losing one’s mate to another woman could have been catastrophic to a woman’s survival and that of her children. But we have evolved beyond the bush—and its time we start acting like it.

In my position, I am literally front and center in the “rah-rah” sisterhood movement and yet, outside the conference halls and charity luncheons, I don’t see women really helping each other with significant impact in business at least not  at the highest levels. Although women are far better at forging strong, emotional bonds in friendships, those same alliances are not transferring in their career often.

Many careers and companies are made nowhere near the board room, they happen at the “Old Boys Club” on the golf course, the fishing trip, the steakhouse and even the strip club. Few women are present for these activities except, of course, in a position of service or entertainment.

If we really want to break the glass ceilings of the world, women have to do it together. The boys are not going to give it to us, we’ve got to take it!

If we really want to break the glass ceilings of the world, women have to do it together. The boys are not going to give it to us, we’ve got to take it!

When I looked at my ballot on Tuesday, I decided to vote for the girls. I filled in the bubbles for every woman down the ballot. Thankfully, almost every race had a female name on a ticket. I decided that my children and I would be better served with more women in government, regardless which side of the aisle they sit on. For me, I see value in both the Democratic and Republican platforms. Like the majority of Americans, I consider myself socially liberal and fiscally conservative and I think its time we give the ladies more seats at the negotiation table to figure this mess out.

The men have had, well, let’s see, FOREVER to get it right. From the beginning of recorded humanity, men have been in control—and look where we are. We are suffocating our planet with pollution, poisoning the waters, killing animals to extinction in epic proportions, raping and enslaving women still and turning children into assassins.

When women are educated and empowered, every aspect of life improves for everyone!

Do we really need more tanks and bullets or do we need to educate and empower women? In any community, when women are educated, every aspect of life improves for everyone! Quality of life improves, living standards rise and productivity increases. These are facts, not fairytale promises from demagogue politicians.

The world has changed in the past 30 years. Technology and science have fundamentally shifted life on planet Earth. Those manufacturing jobs in the Midwest aren’t coming back. We produce twice the manufacturing volume that we did in the 1980s, with one-third fewer workers. Those jobs have gone to robots.

We need practical people to figure out how to best navigate the future, so we can all have good quality of life. This is no small challenge, which is why I think women should lead us through the 21st century.

There are no more practical and ingenious people on the planet than mothers, in my opinion. A mom can plan dinner, clean house, check homework, read the news, return emails, workout and console someone’s hurt feelings before Dad even gets out of bed. So, yes, I’m voting for the girls.Young Girls

I’m not suggesting everyone put their political principles aside and only vote for women. I simple hope that more women will run for office and when they do, we give them an honest, fair assessment.

I challenge you to take a good look in the mirror, recognize your part in the problem and make a promise to do better. When you see a woman, resist the urge to judge; instead, think of her as a little girl on the playground who needs a playmate. See her not as competition…look at her as you would your mother, sister or best friend.

Let this election be remembered as the last time women failed to band together. If the world ever changes, it will be WOMEN that make it happen. It’s up to YOU!

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Written by Jules Lewis Gibson, founder and editor in chief of GRAVITAS Magazine

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