Give Yourself a Break

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You know that all you have to do is start, and you’ll be fine. So you promise yourself that you’ll wake up early and run, but you oversleep. Then you say that you’ll go to the gym after work, but your mind is so fuzzy by the end of the day, you just go straight home and veg out.

And you could kick yourself for not sticking to your goal.

But don’t feel guilty. Those Netflix binges might actually be bringing balance to your health!

Your so-called “laziness” is just a sign that you are biologically human. According to research, humans may be hard-wired to go through periods of inactivity in order to remain stable. Originally, ancient humans burned calories chasing their food. Not for fun, but for survival. Too much running around, however, could have burned too many calories; and with no calories left to burn, they would have no energy left to “go in for the kill.” So it makes sense that our bodies need some down time in order to conserve energy.catnap

Of course, there are obvious setbacks to this very human trait of “laziness” when you don’t have to track down your own prey to eat. True shiftlessness can cause your muscles to waste away. Your bones are also slow to repair when the body shuts down to conserve energy. And we know that not getting enough exercise can lead to heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and other serious maladies.

The solution? A happy medium. Schedule workouts at a time when you feel most energetic, or when you really need to burn off some steam. And don’t be so hard on yourself if you can’t keep up the pace continually and consistently. Listen to your body. Give yourself a break now and then.

After all, you’re only human.

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