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If you find yourself on the road or in the air for work almost as often as you’re behind a desk, you should check out the perks of an app designed specifically for people on the go.

Say hello to DUFL, a luxury travel service that simplifies business trips by serving as your own personal valet. This is how it works: The company sends you a suitcase to fill with your typical business attire, which is then shipped to its Arizona facility.  There the DUFL staff inventories, cleans, photographs and carefully stores the items. They remain there until you notify DUFL of the details of your next scheduled trip, so the items can be whisked off to meet you at your destination. Now you can travel headache-less and bag-free. When it’s time to return home, schedule a pick up directly from the hotel and your clothes will be shipped to DUFL, cleaned and stored until your next trip. Pretty cool trick! When it’s time to hit the road again, use the app to “shop” your online closet and select the specific items you want to take.

Chief marketing officer Andrea Graziani estimates that, “Per round trip, at least three hours is spent packing and unpacking. If you travel twice a month, that’s three days a year.”

DUFL isn’t limited to just business travel. It can also accommodate you for a golfing vacation, a cycling event or even a fishing trip. The efficient DUFL experts will handle your bulky sporting equipment in the same way, easing the stress of traveling with such cumbersome items.

Learn how you can take advantage of this personalized valet service at

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