Twinkie-Flavored Carrots?

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The nose always knows…or does it? Scientists have discovered that because of the role aroma plays in metabolism, you could be convinced that you’re having your fourth Twinkie for a snack when in reality, you’re still munching on carrot sticks. No, this is not a form of hypnosis.

Scientific research backs up what we already know—that foods with more fat, sugar and salt taste much better. Scientists now have decided to focus on creating chemical aromatics, oils and botanical extracts to enhance the flavors in the foods and drinks that we should be eating. Scientist Thierry Thomas-Danguin, Ph.D. from the Center for Taste and Feeding Behavior in Dijon, France, has previously explored how the right amount of aroma can compensate for an absence of fat, sugar and salt.

Through lab work, scientists have been able to isolate natural aromatic molecules and add them to certain foods. The taste testers in experiments were able to point out that the delicious vibes they got from eating healthy dishes were in fact coming from the aroma molecules that were added. This has led to the invention of a device that can deliver a continual aroma stream to your nose as you eat. With this research, eventually food manufacturers can formulate healthier food products without sacrificing taste!

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