Green Tea Secrets

On a hot day, nothing refreshes quite like a glass of iced tea. With green tea, you get not only the great taste, but some impressive health benefits as well. Green tea is a real multi-tasker by burning fat, optimizing liver function and balancing blood sugar. The green tea polyphenol EGCG activates an enzyme in the body that signals muscle cells to preferentially burn belly fat for fuel. In a study, the effects of EGCG helped subjects lose 3.7 inches from their waistline over 12 weeks without needing to make any lifestyle changes. The EGCG neutralizes free radicals and fatty acids, eliminating them from the body.

Another study in The Journal of Nutrition shows the effects of EGCG reducing subject’s liver fat by 69% in four months. According to Penn State University, green tea can slash craving-stimulating blood-sugar fluctuations by 50%. The EGCG and other catechins can enhance cells’ sensitivity to the blood sugar-regulating hormone insulin.

So, drink up! Green tea is a surprisingly hardworking beverage—let it do your body some good.

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