You’ve Been Hacked!

Ten years ago, when we heard the word “hack,” we associated it with slasher films. Today, it still startles us, especially when used in that awful phrase, “You’ve been hacked!” Now companies like Dropbox have learned to rephrase things a bit: “There has been a security breach,” for instance. There…that’s not quite as scary, now is it?

Well, speaking of which…Dropbox has revealed there was a security breach back in 2012 that may have compromised some user credentials. Although they don’t believe that any accounts have been improperly accessed, they are reaching out to users who haven’t changed their passwords since mid-2012 and asking them to update them. This is important, because we know that our biggest and most important files get uploaded to Dropbox to save space on our devices. Please be aware and be proactive if you are one of those users.

Cybersecurity threats are becoming greater as we use more and more online services. Not even celebs are immune from cyberattacks. For example, SNL cast member Leslie Jones’ cybersecurity was viciously breached recently, resulting in the complete shutdown of her website. Be careful about what you are willing to share on the web. And as silly as they might seem sometimes, take password tips seriously, and be willing to change them when it is suggested to you. You can find a list of tips for strong passwords that you can remember at


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