The Jilted Generation

If you’re reading this post on your smartphone while out with friends at an overpriced coffee shop, or in your old bedroom at your parents’ house after watching a series on Netflix, then you must be a millennial. Yes, the generation that has passed you the baton sometimes thinks you are a bit self-absorbed and apathetic…but it turns out that you may just be misunderstood.

According to an article by Kate Lyons entitled “Generation Y: A Guide To A Much Maligned Demographic,” millennials may be facing obstacles that previous generations did not encounter. We now understand that joblessness, overpriced housing and lower wages all play a role in the lifestyle choices of the “Jilted Generation.”

In reality, Generation Y possesses important qualities like creativity, open-mindedness, a strong sense of social responsibility, as well as concern for the environment. These traits may give you the tools necessary to remedy some of the issues caused by previous generations. But how do you millennials see yourselves? Not very well, according to surveys.

You tend to have poorer self-images than your forbearers. That’s likely due to the negativity of terms like “Generation Me” and “Generation Y-ny” (whiny) that are swirling around out there in articles, web posts and newspaper headlines. Learn more about the stats and studies of millennials at


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