The Benefits of Citrus

Instead of an apple a day, how about trying an orange? Recent research shows that citrus flavanones may prevent or delay diseases caused by obesity. Though the antioxidants may not cause actual weight loss, studies have shown that they could lead to less liver damage, and lower blood lipids and blood glucose. Studies have also shown that citrus fruit is low in calories but full of nutrients that contribute to overall health. One orange provides 130% of your recommended daily vitamin C intake—which helps fight skin damage, reduce wrinkles and improve the overall support system of your skin. Gotta love that!

An interesting tip: These citrus beauties are most beneficial when they’ve been harvested at the peak of ripeness. Once picked, oranges do not continue to ripen or improve in quality, as some other fruits do. Remember to store them at room temperature, away from direct sunlight. Then they can be juiced, tossed into salads, or simply peeled apart into orange smiles for best results.

So consider treating yourself to a little bit of edible sunshine the next time you’re in need of a mid-day snack.

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