Feel-Good Fashion

Melissa McCarthy wants to offer clothes for real women—women with a true sense of style who aren’t afraid to feel good about looking good. Seven7 is all about making shopping fun again.

The entire collection is built around what Melissa likes to call the “MM Manifesto:”

  1. I believe that women deserve better choices.
  2. Fashion should help us express our individual personalities.
  3. Clothes should flatter our bodies, and not just try to cover us up.
  4. Shopping should never make us feel bad about ourselves.
  5. Every piece should be made with thought, care and quality.

So is this basic philosophy enough to get you itching to shop her Seven7 line? Melissa’s fun, colorful pieces appeal to women of all ages, shapes and sizes. Browse through her items at melissamccarthy.com and see how her bright and bubbly personality has influenced everything from denim and dress pants, to basic tees and jumpsuits.



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