Independent Bookstores Staying Afloat

Despite the ever-growing trends toward e-books and checking online for new reading material, statistics show that the “shop around the corner” might just be holding its own. Big box book businesses like Barnes & Noble are still on the decline, but the charming little downtown nooks jam-packed with actual paper books are something that readers continue to seek out.

There’s something about browsing through the shelves and seeing all of the possibilities firsthand that’s still exciting to a lot of people. A book jacket’s art can beckon you in to look a little closer, read the flap, and possibly discover your next read.

illustrated-book-pile-via-coffeeandironyAnd it’s not just the readers themselves who are keeping the smaller businesses afloat; interestingly enough, technology itself is lending a hand as well. Tasks like accounting and inventory management have been streamlined and made easier by new software that is now available. Book shop owners can also promote their events and book signings on Facebook or Twitter, reaching a larger audience more quickly than ever before.

So while smaller retailers aren’t necessarily getting rich by retaining the charm and allure of the more traditional bookstores, it looks like they aren’t going away anytime soon. Not while there are folks out there who still enjoy the whole experience of holding a real book in their hands.

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