H&M praised for using curvy models

In a world where size zero women are the norm, the fashion industry has long been criticized for its unrealistic and unreflective representation of ‘real’ women. Step in H&M, which is being hailed for its refreshing and revolutionary new swimwear campaign. The clothing retailer has taken the groundbreaking step of using US model Jennie Runk, a size 12, to advertise its latest beachwear line.

What’s more, the company has refused to label the collection ‘plus-sized’ in a move to promote the use of women with healthy proportions. Since the collection went live March 2013, H&M has received universal praise.

 H&M curvy model1

It will mean a great deal to model Jennie, who told Vogue Italia earlier this year, “I think separating between ‘normal’ and ‘plus-size’ is getting a little old fashioned.”

In 2009, she said she was pleased to be seen as an example of “confident, happy and healthy” women at a size that is far closer to the national average.

“So much of advertising and fashion portrays only one kind of body, and that’s super tall and super skinny. I think not only should there be more plus-sized models in fashion, there should also be more petite, pregnant, ethnic, etc.

“I think every woman should be represented equally — we’re all beautiful in our own ways.”


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