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butterfly-01-aloneThis is undoubtedly the best time in history to be a woman. Just think for a moment what that means. Think of the thousands of years of women living without a voice, without a right to choose a life of their own making. Think about the women around the world even today who have neither a voice nor rights. In less than 50 years, women in America have broken ceilings and excelled wherever they have been given a chance. Now that we have gained inroads in all political and corporate arenas, it’s time to reach around to help those fellow women who need a lift. Together we are mighty.

I created GRAVITAS to be a platform for real women to shine. I literally bet the house that women were hungry for more: more knowledge, more substance, more inspiration. We have enough celebrity worship in our society; women today need to see attainable success from amazing women in our own backyard. Meeting these wonderful women is the greatest joy in all that I do professionally. Regardless of race, religion, politics or culture, when we sit down one-on-one, we are daughters, sisters, mothers and friends. Women have a special talent for bonding. Barriers break down when we share our stories; our differences fade away.

In this issue, I talk with three fascinating women leading the financial industry in the Greater Tampa Bay region. While they work in completely different areas of the industry, they have a few things in common: a gentle confidence, superb intellect and great shoes. We were in awe of the assortment of designer heels at our photo shoot. Also within these pages, we share the story of two impressive women in our My Best Life series, LaFern Batie and Jennifer Horvat. Both of these women have a unique variety of assertive femininity that is beautiful to behold.

As summer rolls in and we can all take a moment to relax, I hope you will take some time to enjoy my article, Our Insatiable Pursuit. Writing this piece has been a cathartic experience as I assess my own fast-paced lifestyle. Clearing the decks of things and people that do not enhance your life is difficult, but in the end you can make space for new opportunities for happiness. One of those new opportunities for me is the introduction of Lori Gieseking as the new publisher of GRAVITAS. Her phenomenal successes in media and endearing personality make her the ideal woman for this role.  We have exciting new plans to share with you soon.

Thank you to everyone who has helped me bring GRAVITAS to life. It has been one of the most rewarding journeys of my life. I look forward to the future and all that it holds for all of us.

All the best!




Jules Lewis Gibson
President & Editor-In-Chief
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