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Founded four years ago, Jinha Women’s News Agency is an all-female, multilingual news agency spread across Turkey, Iraq, and Syria. Guler Can is the head of news at Jinha’s office in Diyarbakir. Jinha’s coverage is proving increasingly important in a region wracked by conflict and known for severe gender inequalities. Much of the focus of Jinha is on women and children, or as Can says, “We try to give women a voice.”

In the offices of Jinha, paintings celebrating the female body hang from wall-to-wall–a gift from a local female artist. Jinha was founded in response to the paucity of reporting on women’s issues in Turkey. The nation continues to slide down the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap listings, ranking 130th out of 145 countries last year.

Jinha’s staff is young, between 18 and 35. Articles are published in Turkish, Kurdish and English. Its reports are published online and its revenue generated through subscriptions and selling video and photography to other local media.

Source: LATimes.com


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