Bookmarks: ‘The Core Of The Sun,’ Johanna Sinisalo

The Core Of The Sun-Johanna Sinisalo (Translated by Lola Rogers)

Finnish Author Johanna Sinisalo spins a dystopian tale reminiscent of Margartet Atwood’s chilling classic “The Handmaid’s Tale.” Set in an alternative history known as “The Eusistrocratic Republic of Finland,” where the government has bred a new human sub-species of beautiful and submissive women, called eloi, specifically for procreation.

Contrarily, there are morlocks, who are deemed unfit for reproduction therefore are sterilized and labeled second-class citizens. We follow the story of Vanna, a woman raised as an eloi but secretly possesses a high IQ, as she sets out to find her sister. Told through letters, diary entries, historical documentaries, and dictionary definitions, this novel weaves a bizarrely entertaining story concentrated on gender politics.


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