The Guitar Female Rockers Have Been Waiting For Arrives

In many cases it seems silly to have a “women’s” version of a product. I mean, refashioning a product to come in pink or purple or bejeweling it in butterflies is insulting. Do we need special pens or tool kits? Not really. However, if you’re a female guitarist, you can appreciate a guitar designed to better fit women’s bodies.

The innovative musician, Annie Clark, aka St. Vincent, recently teamed up with Ernie Ball, leading manufacturer of premier guitar strings. Together, they’re bringing us a custom signature guitar that is made for the female body.

“For me, a guitar that is not too heavy is really important because I’m not a very big person,” Clark told Guitar World in December. “I can’t even play a 60s Strat or 70s Les Paul. I would need to travel with a chiropractor on tour in order to play those guitars. It’s not that those aren’t great guitars, but they render themselves impractical and unfunctional for a person like me because of their weight.”

The new guitar is made with smaller-handed players in mind. Plus, it’s lightweight and shaped in a way that makes room for “a breast. Or two,” as Clark described in a recent Instagram post.

Like many industries, women have had to fight even harder to break into the world of rock n’ roll and Clark hopes this will be another step in the right direction. “If you have a great instrument you’re going to play better,” Clark says. “You’re going to play up to the level of the instrument because it makes it easier for you to succeed.”

Aside from functionality, the new look incorporates a retro aesthetic with a ’67 Corvette color scheme. The model will be released in March.

Check out this short video of the making of the St. Vincent signature guitar below:


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