Mattel Debuts ‘New’ Barbie


For a while now Barbie, the long reigning queen in the world of dolls, has been battling for relevance as little girls began to flock towards some flashier, more alternative choices. There’s been a significant cultural shift in the past decade or so, towards customization.

Consumer interest in Barbie has faded with a growing number of doll lines that offer varying characters and storylines as well as a wide selection of physical characteristics rather than Barbie’s static appearance, one that has often been criticized for it’s unrealistic proportions.

But all that has changed with Mattel’s debut of Barbie’s biggest makeover yet, introducing new curvy, petite and tall versions of the plastic icon. The three body types are also sold in an assortment of skin tones, eye colors and hairstyles—even electric blue! Will this be Barbie’s saving grace? We’ll find out.

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