7 Easy Steps To Improving Your Mind

Science has proven that these easy to manage steps will improve your mental capacity.

  1. Keep hydrated. This should be the easiest step on the list. Drinking water cleans your mind, literally. Like all parts of our body, the mind needs a shower too. Before you do anything, start the day with a tall glass of H2o.
  2. Wake up earlier. This may surprise you but sleep is overrated, at least when it comes to the minium 8-hour recommendation. Actually, experts today say we only need 5-6 hours of sleep per night. Less time wasted on rest can be spent towards progress in areas of career, health, and overall happiness.
  3. Take up journaling. I always found that if I wrote out my notes in class, I remembered the subject better and ironically, non longer needed the written reminders. When we write we etch information into our mind, particularly, if we’re visual learners. Plus, you’ll have a hard-copy of important dates, contacts, upcoming dates and so forth.
  4. Get moving. Yes, this means exercise, but don’t worry. There’s no need to become a marathon runner overnight, or join the cult of CrossFit, rather, adding 5-10 minutes of light to moderate activity, such as an evening stroll, will greatly improve your health and strengthen the mind.
  5. Play games. After a light sweat, take it easy with some game play. No longer are we stuck playing boring memory card games, now there’s a whole world of apps geared towards cognitive training. With a smartphone or to-go device, there’s no excuse not to find time to play a few rounds a day.
  6. Watch motivational movies. You don’t have to binge watch the Lifetime Network, but spend a few minutes on youtube and find something inspiring. Look for human stories that warm your heart, do-gooders making a difference in the community. Positivity is a productive state to be in, and helps to keep us motivated.Screenshot 2016-01-22 09.28.06
  7. Get spiritual. Again, no need to go drastic here. Not everybody has a religion, but spirituality is something we can all benefit from. Clearing the mind can be difficult, but the more we practice meditation, the better we become at creating mental silence, giving our mind a much needed rest.
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