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When a couple begins the journey to become parents, it can be one of the most exciting and emotional times in their lives.  Couples may conceive naturally or use a fertility specialist to become parents, while others may ultimately decide that a surrogate is their best option. With so many questions about the path to parenthood, Open Arms Consultants offers a caring and nurturing environment for couples to learn more about their options with surrogacy.  The egg donation and surrogacy agency serves as a third party coordinator for couples that want to become parents, and matches the right egg donor and/or surrogate mother.

mhollerOAC_01Open Arms Consultants Founder and CEO Souad Dreyfus answers some of your questions about surrogacy.

Q: Who are the women that become surrogate mothers?

A: A surrogate is a woman who is willing to be so giving of herself to help another family have a baby is, not to be a cliché, but an angel.  They are women who love to be pregnant, but don’t want to have any more children of their own.  They are women who want to be able to help others and be able to help her family.

Q: Are there a lot of people who need a surrogate mother?

A:  In short, yes. Surrogate mothers are in very high demand considering there are many countries where surrogacy is illegal – even if the intended parents needed a surrogate. Therefore, they travel to the United States to surrogacy-friendly states like Florida to work with surrogate mothers to start their family.

Q:  How is a surrogate mother compensated?

A:  For a first time surrogate mother, her base compensation is $25,000.  However, there are ways that additional compensation is earned.  For example, when she begins fertility medications, she will receive $500.  She will receive an additional $500 when there is an embryo transfer.  All legal, medical and travel expenses related to the surrogacy are paid by the intended parents.  She will receive a monthly allowance of $200 to cover any minimal costs that she may incur, like parking fees for doctor’s appointments.  If the surrogate becomes pregnant with twins, she will receive an additional $4,000. A surrogate mother can potentially receive compensation up to $50,000 for helping a family.

Q: What are the most important things to know for anyone wanting to be a surrogate mother?

A: First, the baby is not genetically related to the surrogate mother.  All surrogacies with Open Arms are gestational surrogacies; the surrogate mother is only the carrier, not the biological mother. Second, the surrogate mother will never travel outside of the United States for a surrogacy.  The only travel that may be required will be to the intended parent’s, which may be anywhere in the United States.  Once she becomes pregnant, she will see her own Ob/GYN and deliver at her hospital.  The intended parents will come to the surrogate’s hospital for the delivery. The dedicated team at Open Arms Consultants remains with the intended parents, surrogate mothers and egg donors after the much-anticipated delivery.





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