How are Hotels “Female- Friendly?”

Richard Branson has launched a new line of hotels called Virgin Hotels -first one opened up last week in Chicago. They are a chain of hotels targeted mainly for women.

The Wall Street Journal has more:

His hotels will emphasize safety with separate room chambers to accept deliveries and will pamper professional women with features such as well-lit vanities.

“I don’t think any hotel caters to the female traveler,” says Mr. Branson, the 64-year old founder of Virgin Group Ltd. and majority owner of Virgin Hotels. “It will give Virgin an edge to make sure we look after them.”

For security, Virgin hotels will have closing doors that divide the room in half, so guests can be separated from anyone delivering room service or bringing up luggage. A peephole allows the guest to see who is there. Good lighting lines the corridors.

On the convenience side, rooms offer extra closet space, drawers for makeup and supplies and larger showers with a bench that makes it easier for guests to shave their legs, [Raul Leal, Virgin Hotels’ chief executive] says.


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