7 Habits of Highly Unflabby Women

femme pomme burgerEATING HABITS

1 Replace those oversized dinner plates with salad plates, blue ones in particular. Smaller plates trick the brain into thinking the portion size is larger and studies have shown that blue objects suppress appetite.
Calories saved per week: 500

2 Pass on the butter, pick up the olive oil. This simple substitution saves 30 calories which adds up over time.
Calories saved per week: 300

3 Drink a glass of water before every meal. Dietitians claim this simple action tricks your brain into thinking you are more full. Drinking water throughout the day can result in consuming 9% less calories.
Calories saved per week: 1244

4 Step away from the soda! One can of soda equals 150 calories. Enough said.
Calories saved per week: 1050

5 Skip the creamer, go black. Drop the syrups and creamers and even milk. Black coffee has almost zero calories.
Calories saved from 10 cups per week: 360

6 Trade that Apple Martini for a vodka and water with a splash of cranberry. The result is the same, tipsy without the wasted calories.
Calories saved from five glasses per week: 645


7 Get movin’. The easiest most effective habit you can take up is something you mastered even before you moved up to big girl panties. Walking helps avert diabetes and strokes, boosts your sex drive and brain function. A win-win all around ladies. Buy a pedometer and aim for 10,000 steps a day. You might want to consider adding a four-legged companion to your routine as well. A study conducted by the University of Missouri, showed that people who walked their dogs 20 minutes a day dropped an average of 14 pounds in a year.
Calories burned per week: 3,500

Total Calories Saved Over a Week: 7599

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